XiaoMi YTC4022CN Smart Socket (zigbee) Built-in hub+sleep mode+Remote Control+4000w 16A MAX,250V
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Brand XiaoMi
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm
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• Original Xiaomi mi smart WiFi socket for daily use
• Power detection: It can control the rating power and actual power of household electrical appliances
• Electricity statistics: It can control the electrical appliances power consumption, more scientific and rational to use electrical appliances
• Mobile phone remote control, you can switch power supply optionally when not at home (Mobile phones must be connected network)
• Overload protection, safe to use
• Timing switch, close some home appliances in long-term standby state, also can make some household appliances intelligent, east to control
• High temperature resistant, 750 degree high temperature fire resistant material, safe to use
• LED indicator: Hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
• The case is made of 750 degree high temperature flame resistant material, interior is made of 0.6mm high quality carobronze, plug is made of 1.5mm brass, very safe
• Easy to use stand-alone application: Xiaomi smart socket can use phone APP available to implement its action, which not only has a simple interface, but it is also easier to set up
• It is small and light weight, intelligent and safe, you can take it along during your travel
• Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Socket and air conditioning gateway

The adapter is the middle point between home/ office electrical installation and your air conditioner. The electronic components of the device give the chance to the device itself to determine the temperature at home so make it possible to turn on automatically the device for cooling to a specific degree. The gateway' control is made by a mobile app.

Via its smartphone, the user gets the chance to see in real-time the air conditioning energy consumption, to check the current air condition according to the gathered by the sensors indications, etc.

Only with a few clicks, you can set different work scripts. The air conditioner can be turned on 15 minutes before you come home from work and to reach the wanted temperature and then to turn off, or to set a constant temperature of 25 degrees. So when the temperature in the room is getting lower your air conditioner will turn on by itself, and by reaching the wanted degrees it will turn off. This will help you to maintain the 25 degrees temperature, but the device will not work constantly.

This is only one possible work script - the possibilities are millions, just what you would like.

 Smart Socket Gateway - Basic functions:

● Humidity and Temperature sensor:

Via the humidity sensor, the Smart Socket observes the temperature of the environment in real-time and adjusts the inside temperature to maximize comfort.

● Dynamic tuning:

In the "Sleep" mode the Smart Socket can adjust the inside temperature according to the Xiaomi Humidity and Temperature Sensor. In this case, the device keeps a comfortable temperature in your bedroom - it is neither hot nor too cold.

 ● Gateway Function - Intelligent connection:

 With the intelligent hub function the air conditioning socket can be connected to different appliances from the MiSmart Home Eco-Systems' and this gives limitless possibilities.

 ● Remote control - intelligent time:

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I have safely collected the monitor. Thank you so much for your assistance.

21 August 2020
Xiao Ling Chow

It was good, the person was friendly and the features of the laptop were well-explained~

21 July 2020

Looking so slim and nice. Value for money yes

17 July 2020
Anik Hasan

Fast Delivery and fast response

17 July 2020